Hugo: hugging pillow

This is a project about social isolation due to the excessive use of new communication technologies. A Facebook survey found that the first thing 80% of young cell phone owners do before getting out of bed in the morning is check their phone. Research conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International indicated that 42% of […]


In Latin America, the cult of the saint patron was synonymous with spiritual, social, political and economic domination, because it implanted a pattern of dominant values ​​so that the indigenous towns were integrated into the hegemony of the Hispanic Crown. The patron saint’s tradition originated as a result of the missionary work of the Franciscans, […]

Pregnanfood test

Las enfermedades transmitidas por los alimentos (ETA) se producen por la ingesta de alimentos y/o bebidas contaminados con microorganismos patógenos que afectan la salud del consumidor en forma individual o colectiva. Sus síntomas más comunes son diarrea y vómito, pero también se pueden presentar otros como choque séptico, hepatitis, cefaleas, fiebre, visión doble, etcétera. 1 […]